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Top Nonprofits That Fight Heart Disease

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Giving Credit To Other Heart Heroes

Heart disease is no small issue. In the United States alone heart disease is the leading cause of death among adults, over cancer and automobile accidents. An estimated 600,000 people die each year in the U.S. from heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, that’s about 1 in every 4 deaths nationally. At Coherex we are working tirelessly to create a safer left atrial appendage occlusion to combat the devastating levels of heart disease and stroke in the United States. Today we would like to acknowledge other great organizations that are fighting heart disease as well.

American Heart Association

Probably the most well known of the nonprofit heart organizations, the American Heart Association’s mission is “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.” The movement began back in 1915 when corporate giant Proctor and Gamble donated money to fight and prevent heart disease. Almost a hundred years later, the American Heart Association still educates the public about heart disease and raises funds for heart disease research. Thousands of elementary school children across the country compete each year to collect funds through the “jump rope for heart” initiative sponsored by the American Heart Association.

Children’s Heart Foundation

The Children’s Heart Foundation is one of the only groups that funds research for congenital heart defects in children. The organization’s primary mission is the educate the public about congenital heart disease and raise money to research potential treatments and cures. Congenital heart disease may be rare, but one in four babies with a heart defect has a serious congenital heart defect. This has prompted aggressive research to preserve infants born with heart conditions. Thanks to research, infants with congenital heart disease have a much better chance of living than they would have ten years ago. We salute the Children’s Heart Foundation and the pioneering work they are doing for children born with major heart disease.

Department of Health and Human Services

Our final recognition goes to the Department of Health and Human Services that launched an initiative called One Million Hearts. One Million Hearts began in 2011 with the goal to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes by the year 2017. To accomplish this, the Department of Health and Human Services has partnered with various nonprofit as well as corporate partners to raise national awareness of heart disease and promote heart health. A large push in One Million Hearts is to promote healthy living that is conducive to a healthy heart.

Regardless of what organization you support, many fine groups are working to minimize heart disease in the country. At Coherex we are developing a safer left atrial appendage occlusion to minimize risks of stroke in heart disease victims. We encourage you to go out and get heart healthy today!

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