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The Connection Between A-fib and Depression

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Is There a Correlation?

Is it possible that irregular heart beats could cause increased depression? There has been a correlation found between atrial fibrillation and developing depression. The University Heart Center in Hamburg has found that people with atrial fibrillation feel more symptoms of depression than those who do not. A sample of 309 people with atrial fibrillation were asked to rate their depression on a scale 1 to 27. The average person responds with 3. The average person with atrial fibrillation responded 4.

Notice the Signs

While this is not a huge numerical increase, the effect on quality of life can be great. It is important that any increase in depression following a heart problem is treated.
It is not strange that atrial fibrillation would cause an increase of depression. Atrial fibrillation is not a cakewalk. This is a tough problem and causes a lot of stress. The risk of atrial fibrillation may also change lifestyles and eating habits. The increased risk of heart problems changes workout routines. Exercise is known to decrease the symptoms of depression.

If you suffer from atrial fibrillation and have begun to feel an increase of symptoms related to depression seek treatment. Keep yourself healthy and make sure you take care of your heart, your body, and your mind.At Coherex we are developing the LAA occluder to decrease risk of stroke.

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