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Running Versus Swimming

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running vs. swimming

Running or Swimming?

Swimming and running are two common heart exercises. The debate this month is whether it is better to consistently swim or run. Both of these exercises are excellent for your cardiovascular health and help prevent heart problems. Wavecrest provides a safer left atrial appendage occlusion but that alone won’t help you avoid problems. You have to work out your heart.

Running is Better for Distance

A statistician took the maximum speed humans have been recorded while swimming and running and compared them. In a 20 minute period running at world record speed you could run 3.75 times as far as the world record swimmer could swim. If you are looking to cover sheer distance running is the workout for you.

Swimming is Better for Calorie Burn

It has also been shown that swimmers can burn up to 25% more calories than runners in the same time. Swimmers also suffer far less joint related injuries.

Many have argued that swimming is not as effective for weight loss as running. Though we haven’t found any data on this point and we’ve heard many people say that swimming builds up a large appetite while running curbs it. So if your goal is weight loss perhaps running is your best bet.

Which is Better?

Our conclusion in this comparison is that swimming is a better exercise for many. We all need the impact free cardiovascular workout and the calorie burning. The increased appetite doesn’t bother us too much. However the correct conclusion would be to do both exercises. Alternating between swimming and running will improve your cardiovascular health more than sticking to one routine workout. Mix things up and get healthy!

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