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Breaking Down Stroke Statistics in the U.S.

Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death in the United States. Most people know that stroke is an issue, but the associated risks and statistics are widely unknown. Today we will discuss how stoke is an issue in the country and how the Coherex LAA occluder can be a solution to the issue.

According to the Center for Disease Control, stroke kills 130,000 Americans every year. That is a staggering one in every 19 deaths. At that rate, there is a stroke fatality every four minutes in the United States. However, stroke is an issue beyond the annual fatalities. Each year there are about 795,000 people who suffer a stroke. Over 600,000 of those are first time strokes.

Risk Factors

So does race or age play a factor in your risk of stroke? The answer is, surprisingly, yes. According to the CDC, the risk of stroke is twice as high in African Americans as it is in Caucasian populations. The risk of stroke for Hispanics falls in between Caucasians and African Americans. There is an even stronger correlation with age. As you get older your risk of stroke increases significantly. In 2009 66% of those hospitalized for stroke were over the age of 65. But people as young as their 30s and 40s are known to suffer strokes for various reasons. The leading risk factors identified by health experts are high cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking. Other risks include drinking alcohol, preexisting health conditions and obesity.

It is estimated that half of Americans have at least one of those three risk factors already. The numbers are continuing to steadily climb with the disintegration of healthy eating and regular exercise in society.

Minimize Risks

With that said, how can you minimize your personal risks for a stroke? Be sure to consult a qualified physician or cardiologist to create a personalized plan for you. There are general recommendations to improve your health. Try exercising or doing something active for an hour each day. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise, just you getting out and sweating a bit. Also regulate what you eat. Excessive sugar, fat and sodium in your diet lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, two of the three main risk factors for stroke. Maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise will keep your body healthy and your heart happy.

There are some risks you can’t account for. Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that increases the likelihood of a stroke. Coherex is working to commercialize an LAA occluder to reduce the risk of stroke in atrial fibrillation patients. Be sure to know the risks and educate others. You may just save a life!

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