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Heart-Friendly Foods

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The Wavecrest helps prevent clots and strokes. We have created a safer left atrial appendage occlusion, but that alone is not enough to guarantee good heart health. You need to take your diet into consideration. Certain foods help your heart function better. Of course all foods are to be eaten in moderation.

Here are some foods that will keep your heart healthy and happy:

    1. Salmon

    2. Ground Flaxseed

    3. Black Beans

    4. Almonds

    5. Walnuts

    6. Tuna

    7. Tofu

    8. Brown Rice

    9. Blueberries

    10. Spinach

Of course these aren’t the only foods that help your heart beat along. There are tons of foods to eat and even more foods to avoid. What is important is that you control portions and eat healthy. There is a lot at risk with your heart. There is very little you can do to avoid all problems, but you should always remember what you can do. Exercise and eat right and your heart will carry you through life. Take care of your life.

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