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Bringing Heart-healthy Sugar Into Your Diet

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A Healthier Diet Means A Healthier You

Atrial Fibrillation is a difficult condition to cope with, particularly if you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have a lot of time. It takes time and effort to be healthy, and a healthy diet is key to maintaining a healthy heart. Too often, excessive amounts of processed sugar cause sub-par health and heart disease in America.

Consider replacing unhealthy sources of sugar in your daily diet with options that are natural, inexpensive, and healthy for you. Common unhealthy snack options include soda and foods with excessive carbohydrates (your body turns carbs into sugar, and too many can raise blood sugar levels). A great benefit to natural substitutes is the nutrients that come with using alternatives found in nature. Below are three foods that contain natural, healthier sugar:

1) Apples

Apples naturally taste sweet and provide your body with other nutrients including Vitamin C and fiber. Apples are also low on the glycemic index, making them less likely to make your blood sugar rise. As a fruit, apples are relatively inexpensive, especially if you catch them in season. Try munching on an apple next time you have a craving for a soda or dessert.

2) Honey

Honey is a fantastic sugar alternative. There are many websites and blogs filled with common food recipes that use honey as the sugar ingredient. Although honey technically has more calories per serving than sugar does, honey is extremely sweet, so you don’t need to use as much to achieve a lot of flavor. Honey also contains good-for-you minerals like calcium and potassium.

3) Bananas

Bananas are one of the best fruits you can eat, as they provide many quality nutrients like potassium, iron, fiber, and Vitamin C. Bananas can be used in a wide variety of recipes and also make a great alternative snack option whenever you’re craving something processed.

Healthy eating is important, but remember to always consult a physician or licensed dietician when making drastic changes your diet. Also remember to keep checking with Coherex for the availability of a safer left atrial appendage occlusion.

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