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Atrial Fibrillation-Safe Exercise

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Doing exercise is hard when you suffer from atrial fibrillation. But don’t let atrial fibrillation keep you from a healthy heart. Certain workouts are definitely better for your health when dealing with atrial fibrillation. Here are a few workouts we recommend.

Walking – Walking is a great workout. A quick lap around a local park is more than just relaxing. It is good for your heart. Never underestimate a casual sunday stroll.

Jogging – Workouts that are too intense may be risky for those who suffer from atrial fibrillation. Jogging in moderation is great. Make sure you speak with your doctor before you set out to run a marathon. Jogging is an excellent way to strengthen your heart.

Cycling – Cycling keeps your heart rate up and regulated for long periods of time without exhausting you. This is a great heart exercise.

Swimming – Swimming may be the best exercise for your heart and cardiovascular health. The only problem is you need to be a strong swimmer. If you cannot keep up a good pace for at least 30 minutes you may not be getting much out of your exercise. If you can’t swim confidently for 30 minutes give water aerobics a try!

Aerobic Exercise Machines – This is an easy way to monitor your heart rate in a safe environment. Go for endurance not speed!

Strength Training – Training your lean muscles will increase your blood flow and help regulate your heart beat. There’s no need to bodybuild. Just lift enough to get your blood moving and strengthen your muscles.

Keep checking back here for news of a safer left atrial appendage occlusion. Until then stay healthy and stay active!

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