The WaveCrest Solution

The Coherex WaveCrest is the latest development in left atrial appendage occlusion.

The WaveCrest device is uniquely designed to improve confidence in clinical outcomes through:

  • Control of placement with retractable anchors
  • Visualization of acute closure, position, and stability
  • Rapid endothelization

Coherex has received CE Mark approval for the WaveCrest and expects to begin commercialization outside the US immediately.

Plans are underway to conduct clinical trials leading to regulatory approval in the USA and Japan.

The WaveCrest Approach to Improve Safety & Performance

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  • The WaveCrest device is designed to be placed in the opening of the left atrial appendage (LAA) to reduce complications associated with other device types and to simplify the implant procedure
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  • The WaveCrest device has the most anchoring points of any available LAA occluder and a unique “Distal Injection Port” to assess device stability during the implant procedure
  • The material used for the WaveCrest device was selected for its unique ability to minimize undesired thrombus formation on the outside of the occluder and to demonstrate closure during the implant procedure

Refining the Safety of Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion by Design


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